Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2 and 5 and More!

Hello Blogger, my old friend.  I've come to talk with you again.

Lots to talk about.  I'm going to type for as long as the boys sleep and hope that I can jot down all these little things I want to make sure I remember.  First, Sam turned two on February 25th.  Two!  Can you freakin believe it?  I know I can't.

Sam is every bit still the quirky monster he was at one.  He loves Super Why, The Pajanimals, anything with wheels on it, mega bloks, cheese, and a handful of stuffed animals.  He pretty much refuses to go to bed without a stuffie.  And sometimes only Bedtime Bunny will do and we have to search the house for him.  Which is why I picked up a spare bunny as soon as the Easter displays hit the stores!  He likes to pet Ben's head and play with his feet.  He's started trying to figure out how to dress/undress himself, which means sometimes you glance over during dinner and see random limbs sticking out of his clothes from the wrong hole.  Speaking of dinner - bad subject in this house.  Sam is the very definition of a picky eater.  Thank goodness for those yummy kid yogurts with the veggies all blended up in them to the point you can't taste it.  My boy, just like his momma, loves his carbs and keeps fighting us on this crazy balanced diet thing.

Dr Stats will go RIGHT HERE once I find them.

Also, Ben turned 5 months old yesterday!  This kid, sigh.  He's just so much fun.  I mean, he smiles from the time he gets up till about 5 minutes before his next nap.  He's just so happy all the time and giggles so easily.  He adores Sam and gets so excited any time he gets to be close to his big brother.  Even when that closeness is Sam purposely putting his head directly in the path of flailing baby feet JUST so he can cry to me about how the baby is hurting him.  Even then, he's beyond thrilled just to get the attention from his big bro.  

He just started rice cereal about a week ago.  It took a couple days of moving his jaw up and down in a chewing motion and watching all the junk dribble out of his mouth before he got the idea.  But now he's an old pro at it and is ready to move on to the good stuff!  I really hope Ben won't be a picky eater!

My 5 Month Old:
~ Still eats a 4 oz bottle at most feedings.  Sometimes I sneak a 5 in to see if he can keep it all down with a 50/50 success rate.
~ Rarely sleeps through the night as of late.  He was going a good 9-11 hours every night, but then sleep regression and a cold broke that habit.  But there is hope on the horizon!  Last night he slept the best he has slept in over 2 weeks!
~ Is a swingaholic.  Takes most of his daytime naps in the swing.
~ Loves his rattle ball, moustache binky, bumbo, activity gym, the cats, his feet, and just yesterday discovered the monkey rattle that was Sam's best friend back in the day.  It was instant love.
~ Rolls, rolls, and rolls some more.  Still prefers to lay on his side.
~ Is very gracious about the one thousand and two kisses he must endure each day.

I'm very thankful to have fallen in with a group of moms that I have a lot in common with.  We now get together a couple times a week so the kids can play and we can have adult conversations!  Even if 80% of those conversations do revolve around the kids, it's still wonderful!  I love that Sam has friends and gets to play and learn with kids his own age.  And a few of the ladies in this group also have infants within a month of age of Ben!  I'm hoping this group continues and these kids will form lifelong friendships.  How awesome would that be?

Well, Ben's awake!  Time to stop and hope that I remember to update this and my last entry with the Dr stats!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 Months Old!

You would not believe how often we will be out and some random person will come up and ask about our beautiful baby boy and then be SHOCKED when we tell them he's only X months old.  Yes, he looks like a 6 month old.  He's getting really good at that rolling thing, but doesn't like it when he goes the whole way over.  He prefers to lay on his side and bend his neck back so he can watch everything going on around him.  Like so.

Ben's pretty fun to be around, for a baby.  He's very laid back and likes to play.  He swats at Daddy's face and tries to grab as much facial hair as he can give a good painful tug to.  He loves to be tickled and has lots of tickle spots.  His natural state is happy.  Which is refreshing since these days Sam's natural state is to look at the world with a good dose of suspicion.  I only have myself and my veggie hiding ways to blame for that one I suppose.

My 4 Month Old
~ Has a spazzy, snorty laugh that makes me laugh.  Which makes him laugh even more.  Which makes me laugh even more.  Etc.
~ Eats 4 oz bottles 7 or 8 times a day.
~ Had his first cold a week ago.  He handled it like a champ.
~ Appears to be in the very early stages of teething.  Sam never complained about teething until about 2 months ago when he started cutting his canine teeth, cause those things must hurt!  Ben on the other hand seems to have a lower pain threshold. 
~ Loves the cats.  A cat being within a foot of his face is definitely the most thrilling thing he has ever experienced.
~ Is an old pro with the activity gym.  He grabs, bats at, and even gets his feet in on the action.
~ Wants real food.  Wants it bad.  He sees us eat, he especially sees Sam eat, and demands to know why he can't have that too!  Our Ped had us start Sam on baby cereal at 4 months, but I haven't decided if I will have Ben wait a little longer or not.  Many things I have read say to wait till 6 months.  Maybe we'll split the difference and wait till 5 months.


Mr. Monster on his way to library baby class.

And a week ago or so I had some fun with the kids.  Ben in little funny outfits and Sam in the snow.  Snow which we got about 18 inches of.  Lots and LOTS of snow.  And for the first time, Sam liked it!

Bad dreams make everyone sad.

And there's the news that is news!  Right now I'm doing a last minute plan for Sam's 2nd birthday party which is on Sunday.  Eek!  So unlike me to not have this all planned out already.  We're also painting and putting together furniture for Sam's big boy bedroom.  We fell a tiny bit behind schedule on that because the kids got sick. (Sam had a stomach virus at the same time Ben had a cold) We've been happily going to weekly playdates with some of my mommy friends from library.  A couple weeks ago we started doing ABC Mouse with Sam and he loves it!  LOVES IT!  I've already seen a bit of difference in him with listening and using more words.  It's possible some of his little behavior outbursts lately were due to pure boredom.  And I've been day dreaming about burying my toes in warm sand.  Mommy wants a vacation.  But I still think going on vacation with wee kids is just more work than it's worth.  Meh.

Ok, see you next month since that seems to be as frequently as I can motivate myself to write here!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

3 Months Old Already

Hi there.  It's 6am and I just finished organizing photos on this laptop and here we go for another Ben milestone post!  Time, it is a flying.

My 3 Monther:
~ Eats 4 oz roughly 8 times a day.  Every 3 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the evening.
~ Will sleep through the night!  It's not every night, but he can sleep for 8+ hours!  More often he sleeps 5-6 hours and gets up for a bottle.  Still that's GREAT!
~ Loves his activity gym.  I mean, loves it.  He lays on that thing punching and kicking like a mad man.
~ Is getting better every day at holding his head up.  Tummy time is mostly done on the couch now because Sam has stepped on Ben a couple times, but Ben doesn't mind at all because it's easier to see the tv from up on the couch.  Typical man.
~ Wears 6 month clothing.  I had to squeeze him into this skunk outfit for photos because it's a 3 month outfit.  Which means Ben is trending bigger than Sam since he wore the same outfit in his 4 month photos.  Oof.
~ Poops once a day.  And seems to understand "vacation mode" and will hold his poop till we get home if we're out running errands or visiting people.  I'm so thankful that both my kids were born with this "vacation mode".
~ Is very happy.  Smiles all the time.  Has his daddy wrapped around his finger.  And his mommy too.  Stinker.

Yesterday, the day Ben turned 3 months old, we left him for the first time.  Erin and her hubby came and watched the boys so we could have a date night.  I remember the first time I left Sam with someone else I was a wreck most of the night.  I spent our entire meal staring at the baby at the neighboring table.  Experience has made me savor these quiet hours and I handled this separation much better.  We did spend a few minutes looking at pictures of the boys on our phones and talking about them.  I did have the cell phone out on the table during our entire meal just to make sure I would see it if Erin needed us.  But it was nice to have 5 hours of quiet us time.

And here's Sam in that 4 month old photo I was talking about!

In the past month there has been much cute going on, so I'll just tack a few photos on the end here.  Plus the now infamous Baby in a Boot Box incident.  We were at Grandma Charlotte's house and needed a place to lay Ben down for a nap that was safe in a house crowded with people, a dog, and a very excited/clumsy Sam.  So we laid him in a boot box, made him all snugly comfy with blankets, and slid him under a chair!  Hey, it worked and he was safe.  He slept great too.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Stinker is 2 Months Old!

As I sit here at 5:45am typing away I realize how I can keep up with this memory blog and still have a toddler happily living in this house.  I have to write at 5am when hopefully he's still sleeping.  Joy.  But nevertheless, I am taking advantage of this rare moment when Ben is finally asleep again, Sam is still passed out, and I'm freakishly wide awake.

Yesterday, well I guess it's not yesterday's two days ago...anyway, let us start again.

Two days ago Benedict turned 2 months old!  I continue to be surprised at how expressive and active he is.  He smiles at everything and everyone.  He loves to watch what Sam is doing with intense focus.  On the nights that Morgan has Ben duty (responsible for feeding and cuddling when he wakes) I am greeted in the morning with the biggest smiles and coo's that melt my heart because I know he missed me!  Oh, and he is totally going to be a full on ginger.  That hair looks like it turns a bit redder every day.  His eyebrows too.  Love it!

My 2 Month Old Likes to Party All The Time and:
~  Eats 3 ounces at a time.  Still getting some breastmilk, but mostly formula.
~  Like clockwork, 12 hours after getting breastmilk has a period of hardcore fussiness.  So really not feeling bad about planning to switch him to all formula soon.
~  Has 2 or 3 periods of awake time every day.  They usually last 3-4 hours.  If he throws in that 3rd one then it's usually only an hour (or so) long.  But LOTS of awake time!
~  Sleeps okay at night.  Most nights he has a "fake out" about 45 minutes after he goes down where he wakes back up and wants more to eat before agreeing to sleep for another 3-4 hours.  But I think the fake outs are slowly being phased out.  Which we are thankful for.
~  Sam was doing sooooo good with Ben.  Being gentle, helpful, loving.  That has turned to outright attacking Ben.  He wants to climb all over him, grab Ben's fist and make him punch himself in the face, yank on his feet, etc.  And when Sam is mad at me he will run over and slap Ben.  Hopefully this behavior can be fixed soon.  Very soon.  Not holding my breath.  Sam is just as stubborn as I am.
~  Has rolled over from his belly to his back several times.  He did this a couple times in his first month as well, but I thought it was a fluke.  Now he's doing it with more frequency, so I'm counting it as a skill.
~  Has a girlfriend.  Her name is Julie and she's 3 weeks younger than Ben.  They lay next to each other on a blanket at library and talk during circle time.  It's kinda ridiculously cute.  And Julie is the little sister of Evie, who used to be Sam's girlfriend.  But ever since Sam got his hair cut I don't think Evie is very interested anymore.  Sigh.

Dr Stats!
          Length - 24.75 inches, 98%
          Weight - 13 pounds 13 ounces, 82%
          Head Size - didn't tell me, but did say 96%

And, just because I can, here's a picture of Sam at 3 months!  I love seeing them wearing the same outfits!  It pleases me deep in my mommy heart.

Monday, December 9, 2013

We Remembered

The tradition continues.  December 7th was Lincoln's 7th birthday.  Our yearly excuse for pie.  Happy Birthday, you annoying bag of fur.  Love.

Monday, December 2, 2013

14 Days Ago Ben Turned 1 Month Old...Oops

I really dropped the ball here.  I mean, damn.  Two weeks ago this would have been posted if it were Sam because I would've had plenty of time to organize photos, thoughts, and sit peacefully with the laptop.  Oh my geez.  Having a not quite 2 year old running around, plus an infant, makes for some crazy days.  It also doesn't help that I can only get the laptop out when Sam is napping because he's really good at ripping keys off. little kabuki boy is one month old!  Plus a little.

What he's like at this stage:
~  He sleeps around 2 hours at a time overnight.  Sometimes he stretches that to 3 hours.
~  Eats 2 ounces per feeding.  If getting breast milk can take as much as 3.
~  Has two periods of awake time each day that can last up to 3 hours each.  I don't remember Sam being this alert.  Maybe he was.
~  He is VERY expressive!  The range of smiles, pouts, frowns, goofy spaz, and alert observing faces is wonderful to watch.  Again, I don't remember Sam having more going on than content or screaming at this point.
~  At a week and a half old Ben was sleeping in the other room when Morgan and I heard a tiny roaring laugh.  We both swear it was him, not the tv.  It must have been a really good baby dream.  His next laugh happened on Thanksgiving at 5 weeks old.  I was holding Ben in my arms all milk drunk and half asleep.  I kissed him on his cheek and he smiled and let out a soft laugh.  I melted.  Now we anxiously await the next one!
~  Ben and Sam have already bonded and I love it!  Sam loves him.  Brings him things.  Pats him on the back when he helps to burp Ben.  And Ben likes to watch whatever Sam is doing.  Smiles when Sam comes over to say hi or touch their foreheads together.  It's all so adorable and so much more than what I had expected.  I had hoped they would be best buds forever, but didn't really expect that bond to happen till Ben was old enough to pal around on the floor along side Sam.  The sibling love is amazing.

Dr Stats:          (gotta update when I find the paper from Dr)
Weight - 11 pounds 12 ounces, 88%
Length - 23 inches, 96%
Head Size - 15.5 inches, 95%

And now, just to round things out and make up for being so late with posting this, PHOTOS!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Goodbye to the Curls

As I said, it was time for Sam to get his big boy haircut.  I mean, he is almost 21 months old.  And those lovely curls kept getting knotted up and smeared with food.  Yesterday we took him to Cartoon Cuts to get his first REAL haircut.  I managed to not cry.  Can't say the same for Sam.

Now I'm gonna pause and say we took him to this place because they are completely kid themed and even have tv's in front of each chair so the kid can watch their favorite cartoons while getting their haircut.  Did this work for Sam?  NO.  Please note in the following photo that I put our ipad in front of the tv and played him Ok Go music videos instead of him watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It's the only thing that would calm him down.  This means a few things.  One, I rock because I had the forethought to bring the ipad.  Two, Sam rocks because he has good taste in entertainment.

It's done!  I'm not gonna lie, I miss the curls like crazy.  Last night when holding Sam on my lap before bed (a nightly routine) I got really sad because I would always play with his hair while had some relax time before bed.  But Sam doesn't seem to care and that's all that really matters.  My little surprisingly blonde boy.